The work carried out by volunteers is a crucial part of the Asociación. The ideas and experiences they bring are valued and help develop the organisation’s programs.
We seek diverse and hard working volunteers who are willing to involve themselves not only with the work but also the culture of the organization.

We recruit two general types of volunteers:

1. Funds and project coordinator:

Duties involve:

- Visiting various communities and helping to either implement new projects or maintain existing projects.

- Fund sourcing for particular projects or the organisation as a whole. This could be from organising events to writing grant proposals.

- Maintaining and updating the website, looking after our social media campaign and writing regular articles in relation to the organisation.


2. Coordinators with a medical background:

The Asociación also requires help from people with any type of medical background, from nutritionists to dentists and doctors. All volunteers are supervised by a professional who is qualified in that particular field.

Duties will include:

- Visiting the communities and helping with various projects.

- Helping distribute non-prescribed medication to members of the communities.

- Helping with the current nutritional projects as well as giving nutritional advice to members of communities.

Independent projects:

We are also open to the idea of volunteers who want to organize and implement their own projects. However this would have to be discussed with the director.

Benefits for the volunteer:

- Working for a grass root organization and being involved on a human level with the communities.

-Opportunity to learn about various projects and visit different parts of Guatemala.

What Asociación Fatima can offer:

- Accommodation in the organization. This is in San Juan Ostuncalco. The volunteer will have their own room and access to a kitchen and bathroom. Wifi is also included. (This is limited so would need to ask for availability before)

- Payment for the costs of travel between different projects.


Although we do not have many requirements, we do require volunteers with a basic understanding of Spanish. You should be able to communicate with people and read documents in Spanish.

If you are interested in volunteering with us please email us at: