Nutritional Recuperation

This program targets 33 families with an average of 5 family members; in total 165 direct beneficiaries. They receive a monthly food donation, including items such as rice, whole and tinned beans, soya rice, rice with lentils, milk, nutritional soups and mashed potatoes. With these donated items, they will be able to save money for other important expenditure. As well as providing highly nutritional food, the Asociación also measures the weight and height of each family member, but specifically children, adolescents, pregnant women and mothers during their period of lactation. This allows the Asociación to monitor whether the families are consuming the food provided and whether this is sufficient in preventing malnutrition and growth problems.


Regular training is also provided to mothers to show them how to prepare food in a way that enhances its nutritional value.
There is also a program for donating maternal milk to 30 extremely underweight babies.
Health and Hygiene

This program targets 260 families that receive products related to personal hygiene such as medicine and vitamins. This program contributes to the health of the most vulnerable families, whose lack of economic resources prevent them from being able to purchase these necessities. The families also receive rice, shoes, and clothes amongst other products. This program covers the areas of San Juan Ostuncalco and the Tierra Colorada community in the Department of Quetzaltenango.