This program caters to people of a range of age groups:

0 to 5 years: Early years stimulation and preparation for pre-school, development of motor and cognitive skills, sociability and emotional maturity.

6 to 12 years:Assist with provision of school equipment.

13 to 18 years: Sexual and reproductive education.

This program aims to educate the individual in:

a) Nutrition.
b) Food security.
c) Sex health and reproduction.
d) Management of voluntaries.
e) Contributing to political discussions on gender and youth.
f) Creating and nurturing family allotments to make food and generate income for families.
g) Training on health and oral hygiene to the public schools in the communities.
h) Training on hygiene on washing hands to conserve health.
i) Training on how to prevent illnesses.
j) Training on how to look after oneself.


This program also provides training to mothers of the families on:

a) Preparation of nutrional foods available in the communities.
b) Production of handicrafts to generate an income.
c) Workshops on cutting and dressmaking.