The Asociación de Padres de Familia Fátima was formed on 2nd November 1988, in accordance with the government and legal representatives. The Catholic Church started the organization to help children and their families who lacked economic resources.
In 1993 the Asociación separated from the church and began to generate funds with other organizations, to become self-sustainable. The majority of funds were obtained through sponsored subsidies from ChildFund Guatemala. Between 1990 and 2004, the Asociación experienced its highest numbers in both personnel and aid.
It established a connection with the organization Share of Guatemala, which provided oil, corn, wheat and flour to those in need. Asociación Fatima also created the Colegio de Educación Primaria (College of Primary Education) for affiliated children, a medical and dental clinic, and a pharmacy that distributed medicine donated by Programa Rural de Apoya Medicamente (PROAM).
The Asociación now owns its own building, which has basic water, electrical energy, and an effective drainage system amongst other things. Through written agreement with the Universidad Mesoamericana (Mesoamerican University) the dental clinic functions with the help of student dentists.


One of the expectations of the board of directors of the Asociación is to manage economic funds from national and international entities in order to continue helping families and communities.
The Asociación has implemented integral programs of education, nutrition, health, family and recreation; promoting the development of family and the community and producing better conditions for children using the resources available to them.
The principal achievement of Asociación Fatima is the co-participation of different community groups within all the organization’s programs. This includes organized groups in various communities, as well as coordination with local and municipal authorities.
Within all its branches the Asociación has developed programs with an emphasis on nutrition. Providing education on nutrition, delivering basic food canastas; soya, rice, beans, soya rice, lentils, vegetable protein, milk and training on preparing these in order to gain the most nutritive value. Alongside the health and hygiene projects, the Asociación also distributes medicine and sanitary products.


Why do we exist

Guatemala is a very beautiful country but it has many health problems, poverty, a lack of educational resources and other social issues.
The work carried out by the Asociación helps the most vulnerable families living in poor conditions. Generally, the main source of income for these families is through agricultural activities and labor as un skilled builders.